The application of generator set in life

The generator set can be used in electric power, communication, information, securities, aerospace, Internet, logistics, railway, petrochemical, highway, hospital, factory, mining, shipbuilding, aquaculture, real estate and other industries. It is one of the ideal emergency power sources. .

As an emergency power generation equipment, Weihai diesel generator rental can be applied in heavy industry or some other industries. Diesel generator sets have the advantages of low cost and short construction period. Under the environment of developing renewable energy, it is one of the main reasons for completing the counterattack. As a mobile power source, diesel generator sets can operate within the scope of demand, such as ship power, oil excavation, engineering repairs, petrochemicals, etc.

Weihai Generator Leasing Company · Remind you: Before using the diesel generator set, you need to check the diesel generator set, such as replacing or cleaning the air filter, diesel filter and oil filter of the diesel generator set. Replace the oil antifreeze in the generator block. Check whether the voltage of the battery of the generator set is normal. If the battery power is insufficient, the diesel generator set cannot be driven. Others, check whether the ventilation of the generator room is normal, and try to cool the generator room as much as possible. Since the diesel generator set will generate a lot of heat during operation, only by maintaining the temperature of the engine room can the generator set not have high water temperature and low-level accidents during operation.