The company's engineers can provide technical information at any time to assist customers in selecting the appropriate generator specifications according to application needs. Our support service will continue from the start of trial operation to after-sales service and technical support.

Our engineers are experienced professionals in the electrical, electronic and mechanical fields, backed up by a global network of spare parts and service.


Our nationwide service includes:

24/7 emergency response

On-site commissioning of generators

On-site bearing maintenance and bearing condition monitoring

On-site Insulation Integrity Check

On-site debugging of automatic voltage regulator and accessories

Well-trained senior local engineers (speaking local language)

Widely distributed after-sales distribution network of Nianfeng original spare parts

Product training

The customer's familiarity with the product will help ensure that the generator is operating at peak efficiency and in optimal use. Our customer support department prepares product training courses for engineers, operators, and service and support staff, each of which is individually configured to meet the needs of customers, generator set builders and end users.


Product familiarization courses can be selected according to training modules, including: generator control system, application, fault diagnosis, troubleshooting and maintenance, and other training contents according to special requirements.


Vibration Analysis

A generator coupled to a reciprocating engine will be affected by engine vibration. We can use design tools to analyze the effects of linear and torsional vibration, cooperate with the engine or generator set constructor to verify the design of the generator set, and solve the vibration-related problems encountered by the end user. This technology is important for customers to increase the innovation and reliability of new and existing product designs.

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Our brand promise

Nianfeng generators, our uniqueness lies not only in excellent products, but also in maintaining close contact with customers at all times.

We bring professional, reliable and innovative service concept to each customer and provide you with excellent customer support at any time.

Therefore, we strive to help our customers improve their work efficiency so that you can achieve greater success in the national competition.

Nianfeng manufactures the world's widest range of alternators from 7.5 to 3120kVA.