What is the operating procedure of the generator

1. Before starting, check whether the fuel volume of the fuel tank is sufficient, and there is no oil leakage at each oil pipe and joint; whether the water volume of the cooling system is sufficient, clean, and free of leakage, and whether the fan belt is properly tightened. Check that the internal combustion engine and the transmission part of the generator should be connected reliably, the wires of the output line are well insulated, and the instruments are complete and effective.
2. After starting, it should be operated at low speed for 3 to 5 minutes, and the operation can be started only after the temperature and oil pressure wheel are normal. The generator should have no abnormal noise during the speed-up, the brushes on the slip ring and the commutator are in good contact, and there should be no jumping and sparking. After the operation is stable and the frequency and voltage reach the rated value, the power can be supplied to the outside.
3. When abnormal noise, odor, sharp rise in water temperature and sharp drop in oil pressure occur during operation, stop the machine immediately to check and troubleshoot.
4. The power factor of the generator shall not exceed 0.95 of the late phase (lag). The variation range of the frequency value shall not exceed 0.5HZ.
5. Before shutdown, cut off the main switch of each power supply shunt, gradually reduce the load, then cut off the main switch of the generator power supply, return the excitation varistor to the maximum resistance position, reduce the voltage to the minimum value, and then cut off the excitation switch and the middle The grounding switch is turned on, and finally the internal combustion engine is stopped.