Generator Installation Regulations

Preparation before the unit starts:
1. Check the oil level of lubricating oil, coolant level and fuel quantity;
2. Check whether there is oil leakage or water leakage in each pipeline and joint of the oil supply, lubrication, cooling and other systems of the diesel engine;
3. Check whether the electrical circuit has potential leakage such as broken skin, whether the electrical circuit of the ground wire is loose, and whether the connection between the unit and the foundation is firm;
4. If the ambient temperature is lower than zero, a certain proportion of antifreeze must be added to the radiator;
5. When the diesel generator set is started for the first time or restarted after being stopped for a long time, the air in the fuel system should be exhausted by the hand pump first.
start up:
1. After closing the insurance in the control box, press the start button and press the button for 3~5s. If the start is unsuccessful, wait for about 20s to start again. If multiple starts are unsuccessful, stop the starting operation, remove the battery voltage or oil circuit and other fault factors, and start again;
2. The oil pressure should be observed when starting up. If the oil pressure is not displayed or is very low, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.
1. After the unit is started, check the parameters of the control box module; oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, frequency, etc.;
2. Under normal circumstances, the speed of the unit will directly reach the rated speed after the unit is started; for units with idle speed requirements, the idle speed time is generally 3~5min, and the idle speed time is not too long, otherwise it may burn out the related components of the generator;
3. Check the oil circuit, water circuit and electrical leakage of the unit;
4. Check the fastening of each connection of the unit to see if there is looseness and severe vibration;
5. Observe whether the various protection and monitoring devices of the unit are normal;
6. When the speed reaches the rated speed and the parameters of no-load operation are stable, switch on the power supply;
7. Check whether the parameters of the control panel are within the allowable range, and check the vibration of the unit again, whether there are three leaks and other faults;
8. Overloading is strictly prohibited when the unit is running.
Normal shutdown:
The brake must be opened before shutdown. Generally, it needs to run for 3~5min to stop after unloading.
Emergency stop:
1. When an abnormal situation occurs in the operation of the generator set, it must be stopped immediately;
2. During emergency stop, press the emergency stop button or push the fuel injection pump stop control handle to the stop position quickly.
Maintenance matters:
1. The replacement time of the diesel filter element is 300H; the replacement time of the air filter element is every 400H; the replacement time of the oil filter element is 50H for the first time, and 250H after that.
2. The first oil replacement time is 50H, and the normal oil replacement time is every 250H.